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A Top NYC Facelift Surgeon Answers Your Questions

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Facelifts are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. The surgery is unmatched in its ability to reverse signs of aging and restore a younger-looking profile. Even still, it’s a lifetime decision and you want to make sure you schedule your surgery with an expert provider. You want to make sure it’s done right the first time to avoid the need for a facelift revision.

With all this in mind, Dr. Steven Pearlman, a dual-board certified top NYC facelift surgeon, sat down to answer some of the most common questions about the procedure.

First, how does someone know if they’re a candidate for a facelift?

One test Dr. Pearlman suggests for patients considering a facelift is to take your hands and set them along the sides of your jaw, then pull gently back towards your ears. If you’re pulling back enough skin to make a difference, and the results are desirable, you might be ready for a facelift.

A facelift is a surgical procedure that corrects sagging skin and tissue in the cheek, lower face and jawline. If you have significant wrinkles in that area, or jowls, or lack jawline definition, a facelift procedure could be the answer to restoring your ideal profile.


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So, what should someone look for in a facelift surgeon?

There are a few key things to take note of when you’re considering a plastic surgeon. As an NYC facelift surgeon, Dr. Pearlman often reminds patients that a facelift is a commitment. There’s the surgery, and then the recovery process, and you want to have a surgeon you trust for the duration.

The first thing to consider: is your facelift surgeon a specialist?

When it comes to any work on the face, patients should always choose a board-certified facial plastic surgeon to get the best facelift results. 

A board-certified surgeon has achieved a certain level of expertise in their field. A surgeon who is certified in general cosmetic surgery might not  have the same level of expertise as a surgeon who is certified specifically in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Although cosmetic surgeries aren’t typically considered medically necessary, they are still serious surgeries that demand expert care. Board certification means that a surgeon has spent years training to provide safe and effective surgical procedures.

Remember to consider your surgeon’s academic involvement

You should look at their level of expertise and what percentage of their practice is dedicated to facelifts. Is it the primary surgery that they provide, or just one of many?

In the past, people often found surgeons based on their academic involvement. In order to be giving lectures, teaching residents, and getting papers published, and has been a leader in his field. A surgeon has to have a true mastery of the facelift procedure. More people should consider the academic standing of their surgeons.

As a top NYC facelift surgeon, how important is the consultation process?

A facelift is an intimate surgical experience and you want to have a good rapport with your surgeon to make the process smooth as possible. 

The consultation process is the foundation of your relationship with your surgeon. It’s your time to ask questions and get to know your doctor.

During your consultation, your surgeon will perform a full face assessment. Your aesthetic needs are as unique as you are and your surgery should be planned to meet your goals.

Questions that should be covered during your consultation:

  • Which type of facelift will achieve your desired results?
  • How much lifting do you need?
  • Will a brow lift, temporal lift or eyelid surgery help rejuvenate the upper face?
  • What is the cost of a facelift?
  • What is the facelift recovery process going to be like?

Always ask to see before and after photos during your facelift consultation

As part of our surgical consultation, viewing facelift before and after photos is absolutely crucial. A surgeon’s before and after gallery is a testament to the level of professionalism and quality of their work.

Things you should consider when viewing the images:

  • Do these patients look like me?
  • Do I like the results I’m seeing?
  • Do the results look natural?
  • Are the images consistent in setup, lighting, and angles?

It is a major red flag if the images look doctored or if your surgeon won’t let you see any during your consultation. 

You should always ask to see images of previous patients during your consultation. It will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about the process for particular cases.

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Is it a good sign if a surgeon performs multiple types of facelifts?

Generally, yes, offering multiple types of facelifts is an indication of a quality surgeon. A facelift should truly be a customized experience based on the individual patient’s concerns and anatomy.

Types of facelift procedures

  • A traditional SMAS facelift
  • A deep plane facelift 
  • A mini facelift
  • A nonsurgical, or micro facelift

You also might see a deep plane referred to as an extended deep plane facelift, but it’s the same type of procedure.

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery we always caution our patients when considering a “micro facelift” or nonsurgical option. This is just because you’re not going to see surgical results from a procedure like that. 

A micro facelift uses filler to enhance your natural features. While facial fillers can be effective, they aren’t really the optimal solution for someone truly ready to have a facelift procedure.

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Common misconceptions about facelifts

There are a few common questions we tend to get from patients.

Does a facelift treat the whole face?

Facelift surgery addresses loose skin and wrinkles in the lower two-thirds of the face. Every facelift is a lower facelift. The deep plane facelift also rejuvenates the cheeks.

For patients who are looking for full facial rejuvenation, we often end up combining blepharoplasty or brow lift. We’re able to do these at the same as your facelift and it doesn’t extend the recovery period.

Will I need a facelift revision?

Facelift revision isn’t the same as, say, a rhinoplasty revision. Some patients will have multiple facelifts in their lifetime, but it’s not because they didn’t like the first results. It’s because the face continues aging even after your facelift surgery. 

A highly skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon can make all the difference. With Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, you can expect a beautiful and natural transformation that is long-lasting, with skin that looks many years younger until you get back to where you were when you had your facelift. 

How long will facelift recovery take?

Facelift is a surgical procedure, so there’s no getting around having to plan for a recovery period. Most patients are back to feeling like themselves within a couple of weeks but should expect getting fully back to normal to take about 1 month.

Are facelift scars noticeable?

Facelift incisions typically heal with minimal to no visible scarring. Booking your surgery with an expert surgeon and being diligent in your facelift recovery, will result in scars that are hardly noticeable, if at all. The incisions are placed in such a way that they are easily hidden by hair and in natural facial creases.

Interested in a facelift in NYC?

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As a top NYC facelift surgeon, Dr. Pearlman is uniquely dual-board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ENT). He spent his entire medical residency and fellowship training in cosmetic surgery, specifically for the face.

Now having been in practice for multiple decades, Dr. Pearlman consistently delivers facelift results that last and look entirely natural.

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