Extended Deep Plane Facelift in NYC

Understanding the Extended Deep Plane Facelift in NYC

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Our face is our most visible feature and is a huge part of how we communicate with other people. It’s only natural for us to want to put our best face forward. As we age, our face changes for a number of reasons: age, genetics, sun exposure, lifestyle choices. Those factors can result in someone feeling like their face doesn’t quite match the youthful person they feel like on the inside. 

There are 6 types of facelifts, including the extended deep plane facelift, that our team at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery can use to help our patients match their inner and outer beauty. 

When you’re considering an extended deep plane facelift in Manhattan, it’s natural to have questions or be a little uncertain. It’s important to remember that cosmetic procedures are an investment in your happiness and allowing yourself to live your life to the fullest.

First things first: what exactly is an extended deep plane facelift?

An “extended deep plane facelift” is just another name for a deep plane facelift, which is a type of lower facelift that Dr. Pearlman offers at our Park Avenue surgical center. What is extended is more extensive lifting of the neck than the originally described deep plane facelift in the medical literature. 

A deep plane facelift rejuvenates the facial structure by releasing and repositioning the SMAS muscle and skin at the same time. This technique creates a refreshed, natural look that isn’t pulled or tight.

Watch Dr. Pearlman discuss his approach to facelifts:

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Pearlman almost exclusively does deep plane facelifts for most patients because of how natural the results are compared to a traditional facelift procedure. However, every patient is different which is why the consultation is such and important part of our process. You might be a candidate for a mini-facelift or even a non-surgical alternative such as FaceTite or MyEllevate.

What to look for in your extended deep plane facelift surgeon?

You want to make sure that you find a surgeon with experience to guarantee you get the best facelift results. 

There is no such thing as a truenon-surgical facelift’.” There are minimally invasive procedures that can address some of the same issues of skin laxity or loss of volume, but if you want a true facelift you’re going to need a true facelift surgeon.

Dr. Pearlman is dual board-certified in both Facial and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Head and Neck surgery. Having knowledge of both cosmetic and medical surgeries, Dr. Pearlman has a deep understanding of the anatomy of the face and neck which are both impacted by facelift surgery.

What’s the process for an extended deep plane facelift in NYC?

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, all of our procedures and treatment plans start with an in-depth consultation, including the deep plane facelift.


The reason we take the consultation process so seriously is because we want to ensure an absolute understanding between patient and surgeon. Your aesthetic needs are as unique as you are and it’s important that your surgery be planned to meet your goals. 

If we use an extended deep plane facelift to revitalize the lower part of the face, it’s possible that you’ll want to consider a brow lift or eyelid surgery, for your upper face as well. These considerations are all discussed prior to scheduling your procedure.

The Facelift

An extended deep plane facelift uses incisions placed along the hairline to prevent visible scarring after the procedure. Dr. Pearlman will lift the underlying SMAS muscle and skin back towards the ears, improving laxity in the cheeks as well as the upper neck. Because the skin, muscles, and other tissues are moved together, the deep plane facelift produces incredibly natural looking results.


Prior to receiving your extended deep plane facelift in NYC it’s important to set yourself up for success during your recovery. While every patient’s facelift recovery timeline will look a little different, there are some general benchmarks most patients can expect.

All of our patients at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery are expected to stay overnight following their surgery. Dr. Pearlman will provide a detailed set of recovery instructions to help your healing process go as smoothly as possible.

For the first 1 to 2 weeks after surgery, you should expect to be resting and recovering. Gradually your bruising and swelling will fade, after 2 weeks most patients feel comfortable returning to work and social activities.


A facelift is a permanent procedure and as such you should be able to enjoy your results for a long time. Of course, the aging process will continue and you will eventually start to see that affect your results but not for several years. 

How does an extended deep plane facelift compare to a traditional facelift?

We almost exclusively provide deep plane facelifts for our patients at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery because it tends to provide more natural looking results than a traditional facelift. Not only that, the results from a deep plane facelift last longer.

What areas of the face does a deep plane facelift address?

Many patients have misconceptions about what parts of the face are “lifted” during a facelift. All facelift procedures treat only the lower ⅔ of the face and lifts the cheeks, jawline and neck. For those looking to correct forehead wrinkles or drooping brows, we can incorporate a brow lift as part of the procedure as well to provide full face rejuvenation.

An extended deep plane facelift can be combined with other procedures based on the goals you discuss during your consultation. 

What if I’m not ready for a full facelift?

For patients who aren’t ready for the commitment of a full facelift, we offer both minimally invasive and noninvasive solutions to skin laxity, wrinkles, and other concerns.


We use Ultherapy for patients who are looking to improve their skin laxity with a non-invasive treatment. The Ultherapy technique uses ultrasound technology to boost collagen production and tighten skin.


As a minimally invasive procedure, FaceTite is an innovative solution for those looking to replicate the mini facelift without the same recovery and downtime. 


MyEllevate is a minimally invasive neck lift that rejuvenates a sagging neck and treats neck bands called platysmal bands.

Reach out to schedule a consultation for an extended deep plane facelift in NYC with Dr. Pearlman.

The best way to figure out the solution to your skin concerns is to schedule a consultation at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Pearlman can examine your unique facial structure to determine the best procedure to meet your aesthetic goals.

Not quite there? We do offer a procedure match tool that allows you to explore our cosmetic offerings. You can self-select your areas of interest and receive personalized recommendations right to your inbox.