Mini Neck Lift in NYC

MyEllevate: An Innovative Non-Surgical, Mini Neck Lift

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Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for Non-Surgical, Mini Neck Lifts in NYC on Park Avenue.

MyEllevate is a new, innovative alternative to a full neck lift surgery. Using a revolutionary light guided system, MyEllevate uses suture suspension to tighten the neck into a sleek, youthful contour and treat those pesky bands in the front of your neck. Dr. Pearlman was one of the first facial plastic surgeons to learn the MyEllevate procedure and has been performing it since January of 2022.

Worried about your tech neck?

Not everyone needs, or is ready for, a full neck lift procedure. MyEllevate provides a non-surgical mini neck lift in NYC that can alleviate common cosmetic problems.

The neck often shows the earliest and most notable signs of aging, including sagging skin (aka a “turkey neck”) or bands and creases (aka “tech neck”). In the Zoom call world we live in, it feels even more paramount for some people to combat signs of aging in the neck. A mini neck lift in NYC utilizing MyEllevate can combat loose skins and neck bands.

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Suitable candidates for a non-surgical, mini neck lift

You’re the right candidate for a non-surgical, mini neck lift if you’re self conscious about the appearance of your neck. During your consultation, Dr. Pearlman will go over your medical history, neck anatomy, and aesthetic goals to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for a non-surgical mini neck lift.

Generally speaking, a non-surgical, mini neck lift in NYC is right for you if:

You’re self conscious about your neck and general appearance

Have hanging or sagging skin tissues on your neck

Have platysma banding in your neck

Are in good physical and mental health

Are a non-smoker, or are willing to stop before and after surgery

Don’t have underlying medical conditions or allergies that may cause complications

Treatment Details

Performed By:

Dr. Pearlman

Treatment Duration:

60 minutes


3 to 5 days

The Benefits of MyEllevate

Helps achieve a more youthful appearance

Minimal downtime

Short treatment time

Natural looking results

Long lasting outcome

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Mini Neck Lift in NYC

How it Works




Dr. Pearlman

Prior to scheduling your non-surgical, mini neck lift in NYC, you’ll meet with Dr. Pearlman for a consultation. He will take the time to get to know your medical history, your desired results, and answer any questions you have about your procedure.

Before beginning, Dr. Pearlman will mark where the tiny incisions will go on your neck. MyEllevates uses a revolutionary light guided system to direct where the sutures are to be placed. After the sutures are placed, they are tightened to lift the skin and muscles into a more youthful contour.

The entire treatment only takes about 60 minutes and you can expect to return home immediately after.

After your procedure, Dr. Pearlman will provide you with detailed recovery instructions to ensure proper care and healing. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities within 3 to 5 days.

Why choose Dr. Pearlman?

Not only was he one of the first surgeons to learn the MyEllevate technique, Dr. Pearlman is considered one of the best double board-certified facial plastic surgeons in NYC. He has an exceptional educational background and track record, having served as President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and as the Founding President of the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society.

Dr. Pearlman aims to produce natural-looking cosmetic results that adhere to the patient’s specific conception of beauty. As such, he patiently discusses your aesthetic goals and designs a treatment plan for your specific needs and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a MyEllevate neck lift last?

Patients have seen improvement lasting up to 3 years or more following a MyEllevate neck lift.

Is MyEllevate the same as a thread lift?

MyEllevate is not the same as receiving PDO threads. Unlike PDO thread lifts, the sutures used in MyEllevate last indefinitely for long-term results.

What’s the difference between MyEllevate and a surgical neck lift?

MyEllevate is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t leave scars and requires much less downtime than a surgical neck lift.

Will there be a scar?

The incisions made during MyEllevate are so small that they do not leave scars.

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Persistent in the Pursuit of Perfection

For decades, Dr. Pearlman has been persistent in his search for perfection for creating the best plastic surgery office in NYC. His leadership brings evolution, experience, expertise, and uniqueness to FaceTite patients in our Manhattan office. The goal of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is to help patients to actualize their ideal self-image for the highest level of personal authenticity and attractiveness possible. Our surgeons and providers couple an attentive bedside manner and genuine concern for our patients’ welfare to deliver the best FaceTite results.

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