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Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for Avéli cellulite treatment in NYC on Park Avenue.

Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for Avéli cellulite treatment in NYC on Park Avenue. Dr. Brian Bassiri-Tehrani is excited to offer the first and only FDA-cleared treatment for the long-term reduction of  moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.

Smoother skin for a beautiful result

Cellulite is a common and harmless skin condition that 9 out of 10 women experience.

It occurs when there is tension on the fibrous bands that connect underlying tissue to the outer dermis layer of the skin, creating a dimpling effect. Cellulite can form at any weight, and there isn’t much you can do to smooth it out without professional treatment.


Our Avéli cellulite treatment in NYC is a minimally-invasive solution for cellulite. With Avéli,  Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani will be able to target the fibrous bands that cause dimpling and release these bands resulting in smoother, more youthful skin.

Treatment Details

Performed By:

Plastic Surgeon



Treatment Duration:

1 to 2 hours or less


1 to 2 days


in 1 week

Duration of Results:

Up to 4 years

Avéli Cellulite Treatment in NYC can treat:

Skin dimpling / cellulite

"Cottage cheese" texture

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Benefits of Cellulite Treatment

Helps achieve a more youthful aesthetic

Non-surgical and non-invasive

Short treatment time

Minimal recovery period and discomfort

No anesthesia or incisions


Long-lasting outcomes

Natural-looking results


Avéli™ is indicated for long-term reduction in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thigh areas of adult females. The most common side effects reported were mild pain within the first 24 hours and bruising and tenderness to the touch which typically resolved within 30 days. Some patients returned to normal activities within one day of the procedure and most within a week. 

Avéli™ is the first and only cellulite device that identifies and releases culprit septa on the buttocks and thighs in a single procedure with real-time confirmation using Targeted Verifiable Subcision (TVS).​

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How it Works


Avéli Cellulite Treatment Procedure


Aftercare Tips

You will have a consultation with Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani, where he will assess your treatment area(s) to determine the treatment plan  Avéli for the best results possible.

We will create a personalized treatment plan to address your needs and goals for a Avéli cellulite treatment in NYC at our Manhattan office.

Schedule a Consultation

Depending on the amount and areas of treatment for Avéli, we will complete your treatment within 1-2 hours, sometimes less. We’ll use our specified treatment plan to guide the process and ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout.

Once you’re finished, we will go over any guidelines to ensure the best recovery and results.

You may experience swelling, bruising, swelling, warmth, or discomfort at the treatment site. 

The swelling and bruising generally occurs within the first two days, and sometimes can be significant. This will go down in 1-2 weeks, however it can take up to one month to completely resolve. On average, complete resolution of bruising takes 4 weeks.


To reduce bruising, wearing a compression garment on your legs and avoiding NSAIDs (ibuprofen) for pain control is important. Additionally, topical Arnica Montana gel, Arnica pills and Bromelain supplements significantly helps bruising after the procedure.

Swelling will improve each day and will be significantly improved by wearing tight compression garments on your legs – from toes to groin. Wear the compression garment as much as possible for one week for best results. Keeping your legs elevated for the first few days after the procedure will also further help reduce the swelling after the procedure.

Discomfort during the procedure is minimal since local anesthesia will be administered. However, the evening of your procedure you may experience some discomfort when the local anesthesia wears off. Tylenol is recommended and usually sufficient. It is best to avoid NSAIDs like Advil (ibuprofen) as this may contribute to bruising after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cellulite Treatment

How long does Avéli cellulite treatment last?

Results from a Avéli treatment will last up to 4 years or more depending on your skin type and skin quality.

How much does Avéli cost?

Depending on the area(s) treated a full treatment plan will range from $4000 to $8000.

Who is a good candidate for Avéli?

If you have stubborn cellulite in the buttocks or thigh areas that you’d like to reduce the appearance of, you may be a good candidate for Avéli. Schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani to determine if you are a good candidate for Avéli.

Who is NOT a good candidate for Avéli?

Patients who are not a good candidate for Avéli are patients who have a BMI greater than 35, severe skin laxity or localized fat in the banana roll area underneath the buttocks. Patients who have a large cluster of cellulite in one area (like the back of the thigh) may not be a good candidate for the procedure.

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For decades, Dr. Pearlman has been persistent in his search for perfection for creating the best plastic surgery office in NYC. His leadership brings evolution, experience, expertise, and uniqueness to Avéli patients in our Park Avenue office. The goal of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is to help patients to actualize their ideal self-image for the highest level of personal authenticity and attractiveness possible. Dr. Bassiri-Tehrnai couples an attentive bedside manner and genuine concern for his patients’ welfare to deliver the best Avéli cellulite treatment results.

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