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Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for Chin Implants in NYC on Park Avenue.

Some people are born with a recessed or weak chin, but it’s also possible for the chin to recede with age.  Chin augmentation helps balance the appearance of the face by adding to the chin to increase its size and projection.

As a dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Pearlman has the experience needed to provide you with your ideal facial contour through chin augmentation in NYC.

What are chin implants?

Chin implants are crafted from silicone and placed under the front of the jaw to increase the size of the chin. They come in many sizes and shapes. Dr. Pearlman will work with you during your consultation to determine which is best. 

In a typical profile, the furthest point of the chin is supposed to be in line with the furthest point of the lower lip in men and slightly behind this line in women. A weak chin is often genetic or due to age.

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery we often combine chin implants with facelifts, buccal fat removal, and/or  rhinoplasty to provide total facial balance.

Benefits of Chin Implants in NYC

Correct a recessed or weak chin

Improve jawline and neck definition

Reduce the appearance of a double chin

Create a balanced facial profile

Customizable with personalized implants

Natural-looking, permanent results

Treatment Details

Performed By:

Dr. Pearlman

Procedure Length:

45 minutes


5 days

Dr. Pearlman using chin implant tool on woman's face

How it Works




When you book a consultation for chin implants in NYC, you’ll visit us in our Park Avenue office.

Dr. Pearlman will ask about your goals, answer any questions, and examine your chin. At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, we use 2D and 3D imaging to help you visualize your potential results from chin implants.

We have implant models that you can see in the office. In some instances, it is possible to create customized implants using a CT scan of the jawline. Custom 3-D-generated implants are often necessary for patients with significant facial and jawline asymmetry.

When performed as a single procedure, chin implants only take about 45 minutes to complete. Dr. Pearlman will make a small incision hidden underneath the chin to insert the implant.

Chin implants are most often performed using local anesthetic unless they’re combined with another surgery. For patients who might have reservations about local anesthesia, we can supplement with ProNox, a device that delivers nitrous oxide akin to what you might get at a dentist’s office.

You might experience some swelling, tightness, and tenderness for the first 5 days after your chin implants in NYC. 

Chin dressings and all sutures are removed on post-operative day 5 or 6 and patients can return to work within about 1 week There’s minimal bruising from this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chin implants

Can I combine my chin implant with other aesthetic surgeries?

Yes, we often combine chin implants with facelifts, buccal fat removal, and rhinoplasty.

How long does a chin implant last?

Chin implants last indefinitely because they’re made of solid silicone.

Is there an alternative to chin implants in NYC?

Non-surgical chin augmentation is possible with HA fillers. However, fillers will have to be re-injected repeatedly. A surgical alternative is to actually cut and advance the bone of your chin. 

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