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Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for kenalog injections in NYC on Park Avenue.

A Non-Surgical Solution

Our kenalog injections are a steroid used to treat inflammatory scar tissue.

This is a fantastic non-surgical treatment option in NYC for those with scar tissue that decreases their confidence in their skin.

Treatment Details

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Treatment Duration:

10 minutes



Number of Treatments Needed:

As needed

Kenalog Injections in NYC can treat

Inflammatory scar tissue

Active Acne

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How it Works


Procedure Process

Before your kenalog injections in NYC at our office, you will first meet with a Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery provider for a consultation.

Your surgeon will inject the steroid into the skin. We will ensure your comfort throughout the 10-minute process to ensure the pain is minimal. There is no recovery period for this treatment.

We will assess your results from kenalog injections and decide how to proceed with your treatment plan. We create this treatment plan for each individual patient and only administer the injections as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kenalog Injections

How long does a kenalog shot last?

You may need multiple treatments for lasting results.

How much are kenalog injections?

Kenalog injections are between $650 and $1,000.


Real Patient Ratings

Real Patient Ratings

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Persistent in the Pursuit of Perfection

For decades, Dr. Pearlman has been persistent in his search for perfection for creating the best plastic surgery office in NYC. His leadership brings evolution, experience, expertise, and uniqueness to patients in our Park Avenue office. The goal of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is to help patients to actualize their ideal self-image for the highest level of personal authenticity and attractiveness possible. Our surgeons couple an attentive bedside manner and genuine concern for our patients’ welfare to deliver the best kenalog injection results.

Our Approach

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