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Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for laser skin rejuvenation in NYC on Park Avenue.

Our laser resurfacing procedures range from minimally invasive with little to no recovery period to aggressive skin resurfacing for highly sun-damaged skin.

Restoring Your Skin With Non-Invasive & Deep Resurfacing Options

If you have years of photo damage from the sun and aging, the best treatment for it is laser resurfacing.

Photo damaged skin is more than just wrinkles; it is hyperpigmentation (discoloration), enlarged pores, telangiectasias, and brown “age spots.”


Our many options for laser skin rejuvenation in NYC are the perfect way to minimize signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and more for beautifully rejuvenated results. With both non-invasive and stronger laser options, we have something for your skin resurfacing needs at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery.

Types of
Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Hair Reduction solution application to patient's armpit


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We are happy to provide alternative solutions to deep laser resurfacing treatments through BBL HERO—Broad Band Light-High Energy Rapid Output. This type of treatment has much less or even zero healing time in most of our laser skin rejuvenation patients at our New York office.

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Sciton Halo

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With the Halo you get the best of both worlds: amazing results with minimal downtime. This one-of-a-kind hybrid technology combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a combined effect that you can’t get with any other treatment.

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Our BBL treatment (Broad Band Light) is one of the latest non-invasive skin resurfacing techniques to achieve younger looking skin, with less visible signs of aging and zero downtime.

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Laser Hair Removal

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The BBL laser can treat men and women of most skin types safely and effectively, year-round.

person in gloves using BBL Hero machine

BBL for Pigmentation Concerns

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  • Redness and flushing
  • Rosacea
  • Telangiectasia (tiny spider veins)
  • Brown spots

Our BBL facial is another non-invasive approach to laser skin rejuvenation. The procedure improves skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and photodamage. The BBL is ideal for any part of the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. It is also well-known as an IPL or Photo-rejuvenation treatment. For patients who have Rosacea, this laser helps to heat and cauterize the veins with dilated blood vessels, thus improving and diminishing redness of the skin.

Dr. Pearlman using laser on patient's face

Cutera YAG Vascular Laser

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  • Spider veins on the face and legs
  • Superficial face veins
  • Spider veins
  • Hemangiomas
  • Deep retricular (blue) leg veins

The Cutera YAG laser is used to treat facial and leg spider veins. This laser can be used for women and men of ALL skin types and is much less painful than injections. Using the most advanced laser technology, the CoolGlide can safely treat a variety of skin veins to reduce their appearance. The system delivers pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body.

This treatment redirects blood flow to veins deeper below your skin’s surface, where it should be. Most patients find that the majority of the treated veins will show improvement within 2 to 6 weeks. For optimal results, 2 to 3 treatments are recommended. However, the number of treatments can vary depending on how many, color, and size of the vessels being treated.

Dr. Pearlman using laser on patient's face

Laser Genesis™

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  • Fine line wrinkles
  • Redness
  • Large pores
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Sun damage
  • Scars

Laser Genesis is a breakthrough non-ablative procedure that provides multiple skin therapy benefits. This advanced technology promotes vibrant and healthy looking laser skin rejuvenation in NYC. Laser Genesis addresses common skin conditions because of the aging process, and the result is a healthier, younger-looking complexion. By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, this technique stimulates collagen regrowth to rejuvenate the skin.

This helps to restore the skin’s youthful glow and appearance. On average, we recommend a total of 4 to 6 treatments for optimal results. Every patient’s condition and needs may vary. We see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment without unwanted side effects such as bruising, clogged pores or irritation. The overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic and very liberating.

Laser Vein Treatment on the patient

Contour TRL™

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  • Mild to deep wrinkles
  • Multiple types of scars
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Skin laxity
  • Uneven tone/texture

Dr. Pearlman is the sole provider at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for this versatile laser skin rejuvenation treatment.Contour TRL™ works on both the face and body at a variety of customizable options from light to deep ablative resurfacing.

Laser Vein Treatment device being used by a specialist on their patient

Deep Laser Resurfacing

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For highly sun damaged skin, minimally invasive procedures may not be enough. Skin resurfacing is an excellent way of reducing deeper facial wrinkles and reversing the effects of aging on the skin. Dr. Pearlman accomplishes this by stripping away the dead outer layer (epidermis) of skin and stimulating re-growth within the deeper layer of the skin. Newer, more youthful skin then re-grows, like the baby skin you get under a scrape or a superficial burn. The use of lasers has revolutionized this field of cosmetic surgery. A laser is a high-intensity light of a specific wavelength, which has very precise and predictable effects on the skin or any substance being treated.

The mainstay for skin resurfacing is the Carbon Dioxide laser, referred to as the CO2 laser. The CO2 laser is considered the most effective weapon for combating wrinkles, aging and many other skin imperfections.


Treatment Details

Treatment Duration:

60 minutes


4-5 days depending on depth of treatment

Number of Treatments Needed

3 or more for maintenance

Performed By:

Aesthetic Nurses



Treatable Conditions

Aging skin

Acne scars


Enlarged pores

Fine to deep wrinkles

Sun damage

applying gel to woman's face with gloves
Laser Skin Rejuvenation

How it Works


Treatment Process


Before you can get a treatment for laser skin rejuvenation in NYC at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, we always recommend a personalized consultation at our Manhattan office.

This consultation is where we can examine your skin, discuss your particular goals and concerns, and ultimately determine the best laser for your skin.

Though the treatment process for laser skin rejuvenation in NYC varies by laser type, generally the procedure lasts 60 minutes.

We will use a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort as we use the laser handpiece to rejuvenate and restore your skin, ensuring you are comfortable throughout treatment.

Your recovery from laser skin rejuvenation in NYC depends on how deep we perform the laser treatment as well as the type of laser. The lightest, BBL, has no recovery period but needs the most treatments.

Whereas the strongest laser will have the longest amount of downtime. Our general rule of thumb for laser resurfacing recovery is the longer your skin looks distressed after treatment, the better the final result.

Whether it’s recreating a youthful look by removing sun spots, reducing wrinkles, or diffusing redness, our skin resurfacing laser procedures deliver stunning results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

How long do I have to stay out of the sun after a laser resurfacing treatment?

It’s important to stay out of the sun following your treatment for laser skin rejuvenation in NYC at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery. The time depends on the strength of the laser used. Your provider will tell you the guidelines for your skin’s recovery, including how long to stay out of the sun.

Is laser skin rejuvenation worth it?

It depends on your priorities and preferences to decide if laser skin rejuvenation is worth it. Some patients feel less confident with sun damage, lines and wrinkles, and other skin concerns. If these concerns are negatively affecting your self-esteem, laser skin rejuvenation may be worthwhile to you.

What does laser skin rejuvenation do?

Laser skin rejuvenation refers to a wide range of laser resurfacing techniques used to combat many skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, Rosacea, redness, veins, scars, and more.

Will I need more than one laser skin rejuvenation treatment?

With the lighter skin rejuvenation lasers, in order to achieve your skin goals, treatments may need to be repeated.

Dr. Pearlman using laser on patient's face

Persistent in the Pursuit of Perfection

For decades, Dr. Pearlman has been persistent in his search for perfection for creating the best plastic surgery office in NYC. His leadership brings evolution, experience, expertise, and uniqueness to laser resurfacing patients in our Park Avenue office. The goal of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is to help patients to actualize their ideal self-image for the highest level of personal authenticity and attractiveness possible. Our surgeons and providers couple an attentive bedside manner and genuine concern for our patients’ welfare to deliver the best laser skin rejuvenation results.

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