Male Beauty Tips

10 Male Beauty Tips

man adjusting his tie in front of gold mirror

Male grooming is becoming more similar to the female grooming routine. Men these days are taking a lot more pride in their physical appearance and want to look great when going out into the public eye. There are many new products and treatments on the market geared to improving the personal appearance of men. Our own Donna Fay shares her top 10 male beauty tips.


1) Toss your razor and opt for laser hair removal: These days shaving is optional. For silky smooth skin without the razor bumps, laser hair removal is a great option that will keep you hair free for your night out. Go for the pain free/ hair free/ care free more long lasting solution.

2) Embrace Self-Tanning: Men should embrace self-tanning, especially gradual self-tanners. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation “ There is a 5.1 increase in the incidence of skin cancer in Men.” Donna says “Dudes- Protect yourself!” Daily SPF is essential to your daily skincare regime.

3) Exfoliate: Push Fido to the side, Exfoliating is your new best friend. Exfoliating cleansers and masks are a man’s best asset for cell turnover.

4) Keep your lips soft: Men need soft lips too. Apply lip balm/chapstick and slosh the dead skin from lips with a toothbrush.

5) Don’t neglect the brows: Men need to maintain their brows as much as women do. Come to The Park for the shape that’s perfect for your face.

6) Male Laser Lift: Don’t forget about the nuts and berries with our Perfect lasers. Remove discoloration from ingrown hairs, skin tags, overall general improvement of tone and texture in the area.

7) No Grandpa Eyes: You can have an in-office procedure using Botox and filler. If needles scare you then try Cell Repair Serum to cause cell turnover and minimize lines and wrinkles without irritation.

8) Don’t Forget Your Water and Vitamins: The Daily Multi Protect gives you your daily dose of vitamins and encourages your water intake.

9) Make sure to remove pore-causing products at night. Products like men’s hair gel and sculpting paste can be transferred to the skin and clog facial pores—causing breakouts. It’s important to wash face nightly and you’re your skin a breath of fresh air.

10) Keep nails groomed: You don’t need a full-blown manicure but its important to keep nails tidy. Keep nails regularly trimmed and filed, and clip hang nails. No biting!

Bonus tip: Great shoes and socks (I always notice a fun design on socks) are a must. (Don’t have to be expensive to be stylish – clean and nice).