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Welcome to Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, home of the most advanced laser facial techniques in NYC.

Our MicroLaserPeel and NanoLaserPeel are two types of laser facial treatments designed to have minimal recovery time with substantial payoff.

Skin Rejuvenation With Laser Peels

There are a ton of at-home treatments and products that promise to rejuvenate your skin.

While they can certainly help, nothing compares to an in-office laser facial. This is because a laser facial goes into your skin’s deeper layers to stimulate collagen production from within—skincare products alone cannot trigger this level of collagen production. The addition of a MicroLaserPeel or a NanoLaserPeel to your skincare maintenance routine can greatly improve your skin for the long term.

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This laser facial removes a thin layer of damaged skin cells to improve the look and feel of your skin for a youthful appearance. MicroLaserPeel uses a precise amount of depth to encourage skin cell regeneration to provide a healthy, rested look.

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 NanoLaserPeel is a laser facial that works similarly to a chemical peel without the recovery period. Both of these treatments are customizable for your skin so we can fine tune your laser facial.

Treatment Details

Performed By:

Aesthetic Nurses



Treatment Duration:

30 minutes


24 hours

Treatable Conditions

Mild wrinkles



Sun damage

Pigment irregularities

Dr. Pearlman using laser on patient's face

How it Works




Before your laser facial in NYC at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, you will have a consultation with a provider.

Our laser facial specialist examines your treatment areas and to see if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.

We will also help you establish expectations for the laser facial and the number of treatments needed for your skin goals.

The procedure for the MicroLaserPeel and NanoLaserPeels are very similar.

Your provider will administer the laser facial. We will use the handpiece on your skin to put the laser beams throughout the treatment areas. The entire process takes about 30 minute total.

Depending on your depth of treatment, your skin may need to recover for 24 hours. We always advise adequate sun protection while your skin is a little sensitive.

Both the MicroLaserPeel and NanoLaserPeel produce precise, youthful results that will have your skin looking brighter and healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions

NanoLaser Peel & MicroLaser Peel

Are laser facial treatments safe?

Yes, laser facial treatments are very safe. We only work with the best of the best equipment and technology at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery. Our physicians and providers prioritize the safety of our patients for every procedure.

How long does a laser facial last?

Typically, a laser facial in NYC from Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery lasts for up to 6 months. The duration of your results depends on your individual skin type and depth of treatment.

What does a laser facial do?

A laser facial is a non-invasive treatment designed to help rejuvenate your skin from within. By using laser technology, a laser facial triggers your body to produce new cell turnover, creating more luminous, age-defying skin.


Real Patient Ratings

Real Patient Ratings

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Persistent in the Pursuit of Perfection

For decades, Dr. Pearlman has been persistent in his search for perfection for creating the best plastic surgery office in NYC. His leadership brings evolution, experience, expertise, and uniqueness to laser facial patients in our Manhattan office. The goal of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is to help patients to actualize their ideal self-image for the highest level of personal authenticity and attractiveness possible. Our surgeons and providers couple an attentive bedside manner and genuine concern for our patients’ welfare to deliver the best laser facial results.

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