“The Beauty Expert” Tells the Truth Behind the Micropen

Microneedling treatment on patient

Most people are skeptical when it comes to the “latest” gadgets in the skincare industry. We’ve seen and heard it all.  In my opinion, most of the “latest and greatest” anti-aging treatments and gadgets aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. The industry is filled with bogus claims designed for the sole purpose of trying to make a quick buck off people’s fear of aging.

The  MicroPen Treatment is different, however.

Are you someone who honestly wants fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, less pigmentation and discoloration, and a healthy glow from the inside out? Is your desire to feel more confident, have less acne scars, and wear less makeup? This must sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

You can have all of the above, and more.

What most patients noticed after two weeks of receiving a MicroPen Treatment:

  • Forehead is very tight, and forehead lines are dramatically smaller
  • Overall skin tone and pigmentation is significantly lighter
  • Pores are tiny
  • Facial blemishes are lighter
  • Acne scars become barely visible
  • Lines around the  eyes are better

What’s also incredible about the MicroPen is the following:

  • It’s 100% natural
  • You won’t have peeling or downtime
  • It helps build collagen and elastin fibers inside the dermis
  • It minimizes ice pick and most acne scars, stretch marks and other scaring
  • It’s inexpensive compared to laser treatments
  • You can use it anywhere on the body to help with lifting, scars, age-spots, and aging skin
  • It transforms the structure of your skin from the inside out so you are not relying on fillers or other injections


“The Beauty Expert” Donna Fay Graziano performs this on several patients.