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The tip is the toughest and the most technically complicated part of the nose because it’s made of cartilage. It’s the last thing to heal after your rhinoplasty and can take up to a year to show full results.

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Steven Pearlman frequently sees patients who need tip revision rhinoplasty in NYC. As experts in the field, we will walk you through what this procedure is and what to expect.

When does someone need a tip revision rhinoplasty?

Dr. Pearlman, one of NYC’s best revision rhinoplasty surgeons, says that the tip is often the part that most often needs revision because of the way cartilage behaves.

Cartilage is softer than bone and very flexible. Because of this, it takes careful precision to make any changes to the tip of the nose. 

After primary rhinoplasty surgery, it takes about a full year for the tip to fully heal and settle into the results. Patients interested in tip revision rhinoplasty will be advised to wait until the nose has fully healed from the original surgery.

What happens during the revision?

If patients want the tip revised, it’s usually because they want to restore the projection of their nose (how far it sticks out) or it’s crooked.

In order to add to the nose we use grafts of cartilage from other parts of the body like the rib or the ear. This supplemental cartilage helps maintain the integrity and strength of the tip.

Wondering if you need a tip revision rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a delicate and complex surgery that’s best done once, so you want to invest in seeing the best nose surgeon for the job. If you’re seeking revision rhinoplasty, it’s even more important that you seek out an expert surgeon.

Dr. Steven Pearlman is consistently rated as one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC and has performed thousands of rhinoplasties in his 30-year career. 

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