Lower Facelift in NYC

Did You Know? Every Facelift is a Lower Facelift

Dr. Pearlman looking at woman's ear with mirror

There are 6 types of facelifts that all provide various levels of facial rejuvenation. Even still, many people still have common misconceptions about the facelift procedure and what it actually does to the face. The truth is that every facelift is a lower facelift. 

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery we are committed to ensuring our patients have a comprehensive understanding of their cosmetic procedures. When it comes to treating skin laxity on the face, there’s no better procedure than a facelift for long lasting, effective results. 

There’s no “lower facelift” it’s simply, a facelift

When you’re looking at facelift procedures, whether you’re considering a mini facelift or an extended deep plane facelift, it’s important to know that they will only address portions of the lower ⅔ of your face. Each type of facelift procedure provides varying degrees of relief from skin laxity. 

The deep plane facelift is the technique we offer most often because it provides incredibly natural looking results that honestly out match most other procedures. 

Combining the lower facelift with other procedures provides full rejuvenation

For patients who are wanting full facial rejuvenation, we usually discuss complementary procedures during your consultation.

Dr. Pearlman is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with deep knowledge of facial and neck anatomy. For years, he has been helping people achieve the look of their dreams with multiple facial rejuvenation techniques.

treatments commonly combined with a facelift:

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