Teen Rhinoplasty as a Graduation Gift in New York

woman in a cap and gown celebrating with confetti

Crain’s New York June 7-13: Pomp and Rhinoplasty honor grads

New York, NY. This week I was quoted in an article on plastic surgery as graduation gifts in Crain’s New York. I won’t hassle you with the link since it will prompt you to sign up and create a password etc (even though it’s free). To summarize, it talks about high school students getting cosmetic surgery, mainly rhinoplasties as graduation gifts. These aren’t really the surprise type of gifts that we usually associate with graduations. These are usually more like parents who are giving in to their teenagers who likely have wanted this surgery for a number of years; and now the parents have finally given in. High school graduation is a very good time for this surgery. As long as there is 3 weeks between surgery and going off to college, they are meeting people with their new nose, and often new confidence. Of course it takes a full year to see the final nose, but even at 3 weeks the nose is looking better than prior to surgery.

Graduation is a transition for educational, emotional and even physical maturity. Why not start out on the right foot? It has been proven in numerous psychological studies that improvement of facial appearance goes a long way in instilling and building confidence. What better time than when a teenager is moving on to a new environment about to make new friends and wants to put their “best face” forward. For more information on teenage rhinoplasty, please see my prior blogsSteven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS