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A Quick Guide to Male Rhinoplasty

Dr. Pearlman touching patient's nose during rhinoplasty consultation

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men in the United States, rhinoplasty can reshape the nose to create a more well-defined profile and a more attractive face. Yet still look natural and masculine. 

Modern techniques can rotate the nasal tip, straighten the nose, and correct sports-related injuries so that the nose looks balanced, natural, and masculine. The results of a well-done rhinoplasty may even give men an edge in their professional and social endeavors.

Why are men so interested in rhinoplasty?

Most men who want to undergo rhinoplasty are hoping to create a nose that better fits their face yet remains masculine. 

Some common complaints men have about their noses are that they are bulbous, flat, off-center, or overly large. Additionally, some men’s noses are disproportionate to their chins, creating a weak profile. 

Are there differences in male rhinoplasty procedures?

Female noses are usually less prominent and have a narrower, more defined, and more delicate structure, whereas male noses are usually larger, more prominent, and have thicker skin. Due to these differences, rhinoplasty techniques have to be adjusted to meet the patient’s genetic needs, aesthetic desires, and anatomy. 

Some men are concerned that rhinoplasty will leave them with an overly done, feminine-looking nose. However, a skilled surgeon can produce natural-looking results with respect to a person’s unique anatomy. We often will leave a small masculine hump that can be determined at the time of your consultation. That’s why it’s essential to book your surgery with the best nose surgeon available to you.

Interested in male rhinoplasty? Contact Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pearlman frequently performs male rhinoplasty procedures in New York City. As one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC, Dr. Pearlman can improve the structure, aesthetic form, and function of your nose and bring out the best in your facial features. 

After your procedure, your nose will no longer grab attention but will appear balanced, attractive, and natural so that other features (such as your eyes and smile) can stand out. The results of rhinoplasty frequently lead to improved self-confidence that carries over into other aspects of life.

During your consultation, Dr. Pearlman will use computer imaging to show what can be accomplished with rhinoplasty so that you can visualize your results before your surgery. He’ll also discuss the cost of your nose job.

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