Looking Younger In Under An Hour

Looking Younger In Under An Hour

over the shoulder image of woman examining face in mirror

Beauty Expert Donna Fay has a few simple tips to help you look younger in just under an hour a day.

Starting your day off right.

Drink tea over coffee. This simple switch could reduce arthritis, cancer, and even wrinkles. A study by Kingston University found that even a small amount of enzymes found in white tea can protect your body from the enzymes that breakdown the collagen and elastin. Both collagen and elastin are important because they give your skin its plumpness and elasticity. The loss of these two important enzymes can result in wrinkles.

Crush your sweet tooth.

Resist your sugar cravings, your face will thank you for it later. Studies show that too much sugar can lead to quickening of the aging process. Another study has found that the increase in blood sugar in people age 50 and up could make them look even older than they actually are. There is another study that shows excessive sugar can breakdown collagen of several types, causing not only wrinkles but leaving you more susceptible to sun damage.

Wake and scrub.

The most effective way of waking up in the morning is with a splash of cold water to the face. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to scrub. As we age our skin loses its effectiveness in shedding dead skin cells. This leads to your skin looking dull with a lackluster appearance. Exfoliating not only helps remove the dead skin but helps moisturizer to sink into the skin, better increasing its effectiveness.

Adjust your bedtime.

The importance of a good night’s rest cannot be stressed enough. Studies show that lack of sleep can cause premature aging of the skin, more fine lines, and unevenness. If you’re having trouble getting the amount of sleep needed (7-9 hours a night) try going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you reach your goal.

Remove your makeup.

Keeping with the importance of bedtime, make sure you wash your face beforehand. Makeup can trap oil and dirt holding it against your skin overnight which will clog your pores. Some makeup may contain ingredients that can irritate the skin and hinder the repairing process. Over time this will cause premature aging to your skin.  Removing your makeup cleans your skin and allows your pores to breathe as well as your skin to repair itself after a long day.

Change up your pillow case.

Experts say that it’s best to sleep on your back if you want to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. This isn’t the easiest solution, as you might find yourself tossing in the middle of the night. My solution? Try swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a satin one. Satin allows skin to slide and not pull like cotton.