Improve Rhinoplasty Results

How to Improve Rhinoplasty Results

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Far too many patients have experienced a “botched rhinoplasty” in which the results did not turn out as planned. Words may not be able to describe your feelings in discovering after rhinoplasty that your nose looks unnatural or abnormal, the results look nothing like they should, or you can no longer breathe through your nose. Expert rhinoplasty revision surgeon Dr. Steven Pearlman can improve your rhinoplasty results with revision rhinoplasty.


Revision rhinoplasty restores the form and function of the nose by surgically correcting the results of a poorly performed rhinoplasty. In so doing, revision rhinoplasty can create more natural-looking results and greatly boost your confidence in your appearance. Dr. Pearlman is a well-known and respected rhinoplasty specialist with decades of experience studying, teaching, lecturing on, writing about, and performing revision rhinoplasty techniques. With this procedure, Dr. Pearlman can expertly improve nasal issues and restore a natural-looking, attractive nose. Even patients who have had multiple previous rhinoplasties have achieved more desirable results through revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Pearlman.


There are many functional and aesthetic reasons to undergo revision rhinoplasty. This procedure can correct:

  • Functionality: difficulty breathing due to structural issues
  • Tip issues: tip asymmetry, pinched tip, upturned tip (pig nose), tip “knuckles”
  • Bridge issues: collapsed bridge, narrow bridge, depressions on bridge
  • Nostril issues: notched nostrils, deep creases above nostrils
  • Other aesthetic concerns: crooked nose, length discrepancies, irregularities, “scooped out” profile, and other abnormalities

Since the nose takes a full year to heal from rhinoplasty, it is best to wait one year after your initial procedure before pursuing revision rhinoplasty. This waiting period helps swelling subside completely and the scar tissue to soften. In some cases, concerns about your rhinoplasty results will resolve on their own as the tissues heal during this time.


A patient seeking to improve rhinoplasty results knows firsthand that not every self-proclaimed rhinoplasty surgeon is an expert in the field. Any individual interested in revision rhinoplasty should seek out a revision rhinoplasty specialist. This secondary procedure is often much more complicated than the initial rhinoplasty and requires the surgeon to have a thorough understanding and assessment of all aspects of the nose. Dr. Pearlman will carefully consider all your concerns and design a personalized surgical plan to alleviate all issues with the form and function of your nose and provide you with more pleasing, natural-looking results.
Steven J. Pearlman, MD, FACS is dual board certified in facial plastic surgery and lectures around the world regarding proper surgical technique for rhinoplasty and facial surgeries. If you are in need of revision rhinoplasty for any reason, Dr. Pearlman can help. To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Pearlman, call 212-223-8300 or complete our online contact form today.