Cupid's Bow Technique

What Is the Cupid’s Bow Technique?

woman with pink lips wearing white tank


Lip enhancement has rapidly become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures, and it is primarily due to the rising trend of large, luscious lips seen on social media. Younger women are interested in achieving ideal, popular lip fullness, while older women want to restore the lip contour they once had. Whatever the reason, the desire for full lips is in full swing.
Unfortunately, while the number of requests for lip enhancement is rising, it doesn’t always mean that the quality is following suit, and a poorly done lip enhancement can be spotted even from a distance. True lip enhancement is intended to do just that: naturally and beautifully enhance the lips, not triple their size by creating the less than natural “fish-like” look. This is where experience and attention to detail come into play. When enhancing lips through the Cupid’s Bow technique, voluptuous, natural-looking lips are possible, without the “trout pout.”


Lip enhancement is usually performed with hyaluronic acid fillers (such as Restylane® or JUVÉDERM®) to add subtle fullness to the lips. While this can provide ideal results on its own, the Cupid’s Bow technique can raise your lip enhancement up a notch, giving you your best lips ever. The Cupid’s Bow technique involves using small amounts of hyaluronic fillers along the border of your lip (the area you would apply lip liner) to sculpt and define the “cupid’s bow.” Then a small to moderate amount of filler is added to the body of the lips to enhance fullness. This is just like applying makeup to your lips. First is the lip liner followed by the lipstick. The small ridges from the upper lip to the nose, called philtral ridges, can even be enhanced if desired. BOTOX® Cosmetic can even be used around the lips to soften any lines.


The Cupid’s Bow technique allows for subtle, natural-looking improvement, upholding the belief that sometimes less is more when it comes to cosmetic beauty. The amount of fillers used in each area of the lips can be individualized to your needs and desires. The best results are the ones that others cannot identify—the ones that promote youthful, luscious lips. Cupid’s Bow lip enhancement brings definition and sultriness to the lips of women of any age without going overboard.
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