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New York, NY, It is probably a little too late to be commenting on Heidi Montag’s multiple plastic surgeries. However it is obviously still in the mind of the media and therefore the public since I was interviewed and quoted in the Daily News on Wednesday April 21. I will try to confine my comments to her face since I specialize in Facial Plastic Surgery and don’t venture south of that professionally.

Going from top to bottom:

  • Mini-brow lift: From her pre-op photos, I don’t think she really needed a brow lift. The key to the brow is shape and not height. I discussed the ideal brow shape in an earlier blog. Heidi’s brows were a little low but so are many top models and actresses. She did have the proper arch and now has too much of an arch.
  • Botox: in the forehead and frown lines. No matter how much a 23 year old frowns, it won’t leave lines. I am not a fan of using Botox when there are no lines at rest to “prevent them” from eventually appearing. I also think that too many actresses get too much Botox. It is disconcerting when watching a TV show or movie and there is no expression in anyone’s face anymore.
  • Nosejob revision: This I agree with, as her previous nose was slightly too wide for her slender (and now even more slender) face.
  • Fat injection in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips. Everyone, even children and teens have nasolabial folds. These are a sign of character and expression. Also, fat is good but doesn’t always last in the nasolabial folds or lips.
  • Chin reduction: she did have a large chin, this one is a plus.
  • Neck liposuction: there needs to be a little fat between the skin and the muscle of the neck called the Plastysma muscle. This cushions the skin and if too much is removed you will be able to see every fiber of neck muscle as she ages. She is also a little young for facial liposuction. The facial fat changes a lot from the 20’s to the 30’s.
  • Ears pinned back (otoplasty): I cannot comment on this since her hair covered her ears in all pre-op photos I found.

As for the body stuff, as I said I can’t comment as a professional. But, as a male, I think her breasts are way too big and were more attractive before surgery.In summary, patients benefit from multiple plastic surgical procedures but there really needs to be a limit. Some people, such as Heidi Montag, went way over the line.