Botox New York and Hollywood

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New York, NY. One would think that Hollywood celebrities would have access to some of the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists, yet why do so many get such bad results? I am asked this question all the time by patients and don’t really have an answer. I have been recently quoted in,, and Star Magazine (see below) about Kate Gosselin and David Spade. Both have peaked eyebrows most likely from poorly performed Botox.

Over 10 years ago when we started treating areas other than the frown lines, Botox was injected in a “V” pattern up the forehead to smooth out horizontal brow wrinkles at the same time as relaxing furrowed brows or the “angry 11’s.” This left the sides of the foreheads with fully functioning muscles and patients sometimes got what we call the Mr. Spock or Jack Nicholson look. This was then treated with a few small dots of Botox to relax these remaining muscles. From that, we learned over a decade ago to include those latter areas into our original treatments. Very rarely now do we get results like those seen in these news stories.  So even if these celebrities had unusual reactions to the Botox, it certainly could have been corrected within days by a little more Botox.

I was quoted in Star Magazine (above) that David Spade had an over-done browlift. This was only part of the quote. I really said that he more likely had Botox and the reaction explained above. If he really had a browlift then it was certainly pulled way too high for a male. The male brow should be without a peak. See my article on the ideal brow. Steven J. Pearlman, M.D., F.A.C.S.