Are You Aging Too Quickly?

Are You Aging Too Quickly?

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Are You Aging Too Quickly? The beauty experts help you decide at Pearlman Aesthetics , a highly regarded Plastic surgeon in New York, is known as a go-to resource for professional, experienced assistance regarding anti-aging and other cosmetic concerns. From facial rejuvenation to non-surgical and surgical lifts, the professionals at this facility offer a wide range of services to individuals who are looking for a way to fight the signs of aging—and with today’s high-speed lifestyle, these signs appear faster than some may realize.

A recent article published by the Huffington Post shares five different signs that an individual is aging prematurely. Premature aging occurs when the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, uneven skin tone, and more, start to appear earlier than normal. The article explains: “Aging is inevitable but looking old before your time is not. Many factors can accelerate aging, everything from smoking to a lack of exercise. But, fortunately, many of these factors are under our control.”

The Beauty Experts at Pearlman Aesthetics agree, as they work daily with individuals who are looking to turn back the hands of the clock and reinvigorate their appearance. While aging is not something that people can avoid forever, it is a process that can be slowed with today’s medical breakthroughs and an understanding of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

The first sign that the article provides is that an individual has a larger number of wrinkles than they should for their age. Additionally, the development of jowls shows that the skin is loose. Ultimately, yo-yo dieting can cause this issue, as the skin is continually stretching and retracting when individuals fluctuate greatly in their weight. Furthermore, eating a diet that does not support skin health can result in skin that is unable to bounce back from weight fluctuations, regardless if individuals yo-yo diet or lose weight and keep it off. As such, it is important for individuals to improve their diet with foods focused on boosting skin health.

The next sign that the article highlights is droopy eyelids. This is natural, as the skin around the eyes stretches as it ages and the muscles beneath it tend to weaken. For many individuals, cosmetic surgery is the way to go when addressing significant droopiness; however, there are non-surgical ways in which individuals can improve this aspect of their appearance, including staying hydrated, cutting down on sodium intake, and getting more sleep each night.

The third sign is also related to the eyes: premature aging can lead to red eyes. Basically, the article states, “Swollen or dilated blood vessels can make your eyes look red or bloodshot—as well as old. Sitting in front of a computer all day, and not getting enough sleep, can cause redness in eyes. Putting a cold compress on your eyes for 10-minute stretches should help. But you should seek help from a doctor if you have persistently red eyes.”

The fourth sign that the article offers is impaired hearing. In many cases, wax blockage may cause this issue and the removal of the problem can greatly improve hearing capabilities. In other cases, though, hearing aids may be necessary.It is important for individuals who are experiencing hearing loss to talk to their doctors and keep an eye on their health, as this condition has been linked to others, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, the last sign that the article provides is that individuals wake up with dry mouths. Also called cotton mouth, this is an extremely uncomfortable situation that can be sparked by a number of things, ranging from smoking to certain pharmaceuticals to the aging process. Sprays may help the mouth to avoid getting dry by sparking the production of additional saliva. Additionally, drinking water, reducing caffeine consumption, and chewing gum can help, too.

The Beauty experts encourages Dot therapy for Anti-Aging. The Beauty experts understand that slowing the aging process is an important priority for many people. With so many different treatment options on today’s market, there is certainly a procedure out there for everyone. One of the most exciting is Dot therapy, which is a new approach to anti-aging that uses fractional resurfacing of the skin. The goal of the Dot therapy system is to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while improving skin tone and texture, tightening loose skin, and diminishing scarring.

Ultherapy works by emitting ultrasound energy. This energy heats the skin and creates an environment in which molecular vibration takes place. This vibration leads to collisions of the molecules and, ultimately, the resurfacing of the skin. Because of the nature of this treatment option, the Beauty Experts explain that Dot Therapy can be used on many parts of the body, including the neck, face, chest, hands, extremities, and back. Furthermore, the professionals at Dr Pearlmans assert, this treatment is well suited to a wider range of skin types than others.

The beauty experts at Pearlman Aesthtics are known as a wonderful resource for individuals in NYC and surrounding areas who are looking to slow down the aging process and mature in a graceful manner. As such, the Beauty Experts working at Dr Perlmans encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the signs of premature aging or the Ulthera and Dot therapy procedure to call the facility today.