Moxi Laser Treatment in NYC

The Benefits of a Moxi Laser Treatment in NYC

woman admiring her results after a laser treatment

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular procedure for anti-aging and overall skin rejuvenation. With so many options available for this treatment, it can be hard to know where to start. When it comes to gentle laser skin rejuvenation, you can’t get better than a Moxi laser treatment in NYC.

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery our number one goal is providing patients with the customized skin care they need to feel like the best version of themselves. We offer a variety of anti-aging treatments including the Moxi laser at our Park Avenue Office.

The basics of a Moxi laser treatment in NYC

Address visible signs of aging

The Moxi laser refreshes and renews your skin, treating fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation from sun damage, age spots, and rosacea.

Gentle, non-ablative laser

The fractionated laser provides gentle resurfacing that can be utilized all year round, unlike more aggressive laser treatments. It can also be used on all skin types! Even patients with a tan can get Moxi, so we can even treat you during the summer. 

Little to no downtime

Because Moxi is a non-ablative treatment, most patients report little to no discomfort and the recovery is minimal. Patients can wear makeup in just 24 hrs after the treatment.

Combinable with other treatments

The Moxi laser can be combined with other skincare treatments like IPL photofacials and HydraFacial to further enhance the results. 

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Our providers at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery are ready to help you start your skincare journey! An in-depth consultation with one of our aestheticians is the first step in developing your customized skincare treatment plan. Come in and they can evaluate your face with Visia, a fantastic imaging system that evaluates your facial skin and can even track changes in your skin age as you go through treatments. 

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