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Surgical and Non-Surgical Thin Lips Treatment in NYC

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Cameras are everywhere, so it’s only natural that people want to look rested, youthful, and refreshed at all times. And while we can use makeup, cosmetics, and camera filters to create our desired appearance, these solutions are temporary. 

When you invest in any of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery’s thin lips treatment in NYC, you can rest assured that your selection will provide you with the look you want for months or years, depending on your selection.

Depending on your desired look and age, Dr. Steven J. Pearlman and our highly trained aesthetic nurses can help you transform your lips through surgery or lip fillers. Dr. Pearlman has over 30 years of experience and is a trusted NYC plastic surgeon. He dedicates himself to creating the natural-looking results you desire.

Options for thin lips treatment in NYC

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery can help you determine the right lip treatment for your needs and facial structure.

When you book a consultation with Dr. Pearlman, he and our patient team will look at your unique anatomy to discern the surgical and non-surgical options that best suit you.

What conditions can thin lips treatments help?

Our office uses diverse procedures, such as lip lifts, lip flips, and lip fillers, to help people achieve the lip look they desire. Our practice’s surgical and non-surgical procedures can treat the following common conditions:

  • Thin lips
  • Aging lips 
  • Lip lines
  • Small lips
  • Appearance of frowning
  • Dental hooding
  • Lip asymmetry
  • Flattened, lengthened lips
  • Lips that have lost definition

Our practice’s surgical and non-surgical procedures can help young and mature patients achieve a beautiful lip line and empower them through aesthetically pleasing results.

Surgical Thin Lips Treatment in NYC

Dr. Pearlman is a skilled facial plastic surgeon in NYC. He has over 34 years of experience and is dual board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery. 

A lip lift is one of the most effective thin lip procedures a patient can choose to enhance their thin lips.

Lip Lift 

Dr. Pearlman’s lip lift is a custom cosmetic procedure. His specialized surgery shortens and lifts the upper lip to create a more aesthetically pleasing lip line and shape.

People with mature skin often benefit from a surgical lip lift. Age can sometimes lengthen and flatten lips and cause them to lose their definition. Dr. Pearlman’s unique lip lift procedure creates a fuller, plumper lip by:

  • Removing a small horizontal section of the skin beneath the nose and the lip.
  • Turning the upper lip slightly outward to show more of the inner pink lip.
  • Restoring the “Cupid’s bow” shape at the center of the upper lip.
  • Reducing the “skin” that’s found under the lip.

Dr. Pearlman can also utilize the bullhorn lip lift to lift a patient’s lip, which involves removing the “bullhorn” shaped piece of skin that’s underneath the nose. 

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift?

We will schedule a private, one-on-one consultation to ensure you will respond well to Dr. Pearlman’s lip lift procedure. During your initial appointment, the doctor will examine your lips and review your options after hearing your needs and seeing your unique anatomy. 

During your meeting, we also encourage you to ask any other questions about the lip lift procedure. 

The lip lift surgery

Your lip lift will take place in our state-of-the-art OR on Park Avenue. Dr. Pearlman and his expert team will administer local anesthetic to numb your upper lip underneath your nose. Then, the doctor will remove the small piece of skin beneath the nose. This shortens the distance between the nose and upper lip. 

Next, our skilled team will close the incision in layers; this helps reduce visibility. The procedure takes less than an hour, and we will remove your stitches within a week’s time. Your scar will be almost invisible and remain concealed under your nose. 

Lip lift recovery time

While you may feel a little discomfort for approximately 72 hours after your procedure, we can help manage your pain with oral medication. Most patients find they can return to work in three days.

You could see some swelling for the first few weeks post-surgery, but this procedure is minimally invasive, and most patients heal quickly. 

Non-Surgical Thin Lips Treatment in NYC

Another option for people who want to increase the size of their lips while retaining a natural look is non-surgical lip treatments

Dr. Pearlman’s exceptional aesthetic team routinely uses lip filler to help augment the shape of lips with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers like Restylane® or JUVÉDERM®. These products allow us to:

  • Add volume to the lip
  • Shape the lip
  • Correct lip asymmetry
  • Enhance the structure of smaller lips
  • Add enhancement to thin lips
  • Help smooth lip lines 
  • Reduce the look of wrinkles due to aging and mature skin

Dr. Pearlman and our team of qualified aesthetic nurses are experts at using lip fillers and skillfully use them to compliment a patient’s unique, natural features.

Lip filler treatment details

Lip filler treatments are ideal for people looking for a fuller lip and a minimally invasive procedure. 

The following are just a few of the benefits of getting lip fillers at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery:

  • Fuller, more shapely lips after one appointment
  • Lip enhancement for 4 to 6 months
  • Simple, convenient, in-office treatment
  • Natural-looking results
  • Minimally invasive, recovery is 24 hours
  • Improved self-confidence

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery’s Cupid’s Bow technique

Dr. Pearlman has refined the lip-filling process to give his patients fuller lips with a natural look. With his innovative “Cupid’s Bow technique,” you can rest assured that your lips will look luscious.

During your lip filler appointment, we can:

  • Use hyaluronic acid filler to add volume to the lip and BOTOX® Cosmetic to soften fine lip lines. 
  • Delicately place the filler along the border of your lips to help redefine the lip rim and restore the “Cupid’s bow.”
  • Inject filler to create a fuller lip look.

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery only uses FDA-approved injectable products. These exclusive, safe products can help:

  • Build a firm foundation underneath your skin to smooth the signs of aging.
  • Maintain any results you have achieved from a previous lip or facial surgery.

The lip filler treatment plan

Before your lip filler appointment, you’ll visit our Park Avenue office for an initial consultation with Dr. Peralman and our excellent patient care team. 

During your private visit, Dr. Pearlman will assess your lips to see where he can add fillers to get the most natural-looking results. 

The lip filler treatment process

First, your doctor or filler specialist will apply or administer a local numbing agent or give you a nerve-blocking injection to numb your lips.

Then, we use a fine needle to inject hyaluronic dermal filler (Restylane® or JUVÉDERM®) into the areas we discussed during your consultation.

Lip filler treatment recovery time

Once finished, you can apply ice to your injection sites to reduce swelling or redness. 

After your appointment, you can resume normal activities, but we recommend not using any lipstick or lip products after the appointment. 

Additionally, we advise you to avoid high-heat areas and activities, like spas, saunas, sunbathing, and tanning salons. We also recommend not engaging in strenuous exercise, as this activity can lead to more bruising.

How do I know which thin lips treatment in NYC is right for me?

Dr. Pearlman and our exceptional patient care team will work with you to help determine if a lip lift or a lip filler treatment is best to achieve your desired results. A few questions you can consider before your initial consultation in our Park Avenue office are:

  • Do I want shorter-term or longer-term results? Lip fillers last 4 to 6 months, while a lip lift has a longer-lasting effect. 
  • What amount of recovery time is right for me? You can resume regular activity after your lip filler appointment. You can expect a 72-hour recovery period after a lip lift, followed by a week or two of healing.
  • Am I emotionally ready to change my appearance? Dr. Pearlman and his staff dedicate themselves to ensuring all their patients are prepared to alter their appearance. Your well-being is of utmost importance. 

Why Choose Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery for your thin lips treatment in NYC?

Dr. Pearlman is a renowned Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Pearlman practices conservative procedures that create excellent, natural-looking results to guarantee you get the lip look of your dreams. He has decades of experience that he pairs with his extensive knowledge of facial plastic surgery. His areas of expertise make him a uniquely qualified plastic surgeon who provides premier thin lips treatment in NYC.

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