Lip Lift v. Lip Flip

Lip Lift v. Lip Flip: Choosing What’s Right for You

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People who desire to change the shape and look of their lips have this common question: What lip treatment is right for me? Two of Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery’s popular lip procedures could give you the lip look that matches your goals.  

Lip lift and lip flip are common lip enhancement procedures people use to achieve fuller, more youthful lips. Dr. Steven Pearlman and our patient care team at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery will help you decide if a lip lift v. lip flip is best for you. We will help you pick the procedure that best suits your needs and desired look.

Lip lift

A lip lift is a long-term lip enhancement solution that helps create aesthetically pleasing lips.

What’s a lip lift?

A lip lift is a minimally invasive in-office surgery that restores the lip area. Dr. Pearlman and his accomplished team create a fuller, youthful lip by removing a small horizontal section of skin beneath the nose and turning the upper lip slightly upward. 

Lip flip

A lip flip is a quick, in-office procedure that creates a fuller, pouty lip. 

What’s a lip flip?

In a recent interview with Women’s Health Magazine, Dr. Pearlman told the publication that during the lip flip, a provider places small amounts of neurotoxin, such as BOTOX®, Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuveau, across the top of the patient’s lip. 

This injection works by:

  • Relaxing the orbicularis oris muscle.
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines that form around a person’s mouth.

“If you are looking for both volume and control over the shape of your lips, then a combination treatment can provide your desired results,” Dr. Pearlman added. “The lip flip and lip filler can be combined for optimal results.” 

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Dr. Pearlman is an exceptionally skilled facial plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. He operates out of our Park Avenue office in Manhattan, which houses our state-of-the-art OR. 

Dr. Pearlman and our highly skilled patient care team dedicate themselves to empowering you throughout your aesthetic journey. Our private consultations ensure that every patient understands the intricacies of the procedure they wish to have and how the results will enhance their anatomy

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