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Is It Better To Have a Closed Rhinoplasty? | New York Experts

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A closed rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery that doesn’t require opening the nose. A lot of patients only want to have a closed rhinoplasty because they think it requires less downtime, but this is not true.

As one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC, Dr. Pearlman will default to a closed rhinoplasty except in cases when an open will provide more precise results. The more common reasons for an open rhinoplasty in primary surgery are a very crooked nose, nose that sticks out very far (over-projecting) and complex revision rhinoplasty.

At Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery we want our patients to feel completely educated for their decisions regarding cosmetic surgery. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a closed rhinoplasty in New York.

Open vs closed rhinoplasty

The only difference between open and closed rhinoplasty is the tiny incision made in the columella to open the nose. Closed rhinoplasty uses incisions made inside the nostril.

The scar from an open rhinoplasty is almost invisible unless someone is closely examining your nostrils. Even then, it’s possible to laser away the scar so that it’s barely visible at all.

When talking with patients who want the best rhinoplasty results, Dr. Pearlman recommends not limiting yourself to only a closed rhinoplasty. The specific approach he will use will be discussed at the time of your consultation. 

The recovery time is the same

Regardless of which type of rhinoplasty procedure you select, you’ll be looking at the same amount of recovery time. The longest part of rhinoplasty recovery is waiting for the bruising to fade, which takes about one and a half to two weeks whether your surgery is open or closed.

Interested in closed rhinoplasty in New York?

Dr. Pearlman is consistently rated as a top rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC and has performed thousands of rhinoplasties in his 30-year career. Rhinoplasty is a delicate and complex surgery that’s best done once, so you want to invest in seeing the best nose surgeon for the job.

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