Popular Facial Surgeries for Men

Popular Facial Surgeries for Men

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In an industry that has historically attracted women, for the most part, men have recently been getting plastic surgery in ever-increasing numbers. Statistically, surveys from the AAFPRS, ASPS, and ASAPS all show that numerous members of the male population are pursuing minimally invasive or surgical treatments to enhance their appearances. These numbers have been climbing as men become more and more concerned about their appearances and how they are affected by aging. The following facial surgeries are becoming increasingly popular among males, as men learn how they can uniquely benefit from facial plastic surgery.

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Nearly 26,205 male rhinoplasties in 2016 made it one of the top five male plastic surgeries of the year, according to national statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It used to be that men shied away from nose surgery out of fear of having a feminized or overdone nose. Now, with modern techniques and Dr. Pearlman’s expertise as a facial plastic surgeon, men who are self-conscious about their overly large or unbalanced nose can achieve a more natural, yet still masculine, attractive-looking nose. Dr. Pearlman uses male rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose with an often subtle approach, which can have profound effects. Instead of being “stuck” with a big nose, a man can get rhinoplasty to subtly refine the nasal tissues and restore balance among the facial features.


Perhaps surprisingly, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) was even more popular than rhinoplasty among men in 2016, with 28,025 procedures performed according to national ASAPS statistics. Men tend to develop bags under the eyes, which can be corrected through lower eyelid surgery to remove excess fat. The incisions for lower blepharoplasty are hidden inside the eyelid, so there is no visible scarring. For those desiring upper eyelid rejuvenation to correct signs of aging, the technique differs slightly for male blepharoplasty versus female blepharoplasty. Dr. Pearlman avoids feminizing the eyes by moving the upper eyelid incision lower toward the edge and leaving a little extra skin in the upper lids. Eyelid surgery can help men recapture an attractively youthful and masculine appearance.


In a society where a young, strong, and masculine appearance is highly valued, men who have signs of aging and sagging in the face are progressively more likely to choose facelift surgery. A male facelift uses incisions that preserve the natural contour of the hairline. Dr. Pearlman focuses on lifting the skin without creating a pulled appearance. Often, he will place more emphasis on the lower face as part of the procedure, addressing any sagging skin and muscles with a sub-mentoplasty, which are most often the biggest concern for men. A facelift allows men to maintain a natural yet youthful facial appearance as they age.


Because of unique facial structure characteristics, men tend to be especially vulnerable to forehead wrinkles and sagging brows as they age. This makes brow lift surgery a desirable procedure to correct a drooping brow and wrinkled forehead. Dr. Pearlman uses small, hidden incisions to raise the brows and soften the forehead. Depending on the patient’s hairline, these incisions may be placed behind the hairline or even hidden in the upper eyelid area. Brow lift surgery smooths away forehead wrinkles and lifts sagging brows to create a more approachable and attractive male face.