my facelift journey

My Facelift Journey

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The decision to undergo a surgical procedure, let alone a facelift was one I did not take lightly. My entire life I have struggled with a double chin which consistently was up and down with fluctuating weight loss, genetically, the cards were stacked against me as a saggy lower face is a family trait.
Little bit of background? I am a 45-year-old woman who has worked in the field of aesthetics for over 10 years. I am a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, basically, a master injector who has not only had the pleasure of injecting many hundreds of patients, but have had the opportunity to inject every FDA approved dermal filler on the market. I have actively pursued every educational opportunity to remain on the cutting edge of advanced injection techniques. I guess where I’m going with this…. I’ve tried it all! So I knew that to achieve my desired result, a surgical intervention was my only option.
Discussing cosmetic surgical procedures is not always an easy conversation. First off, wonky “botched outcomes” sit at the forefront of the minds of many: despite the fact that they are exceptions to the rule. It’s rare that the mags feature “a good facelift” because the reality is, no one can detect a good facelift! Secondly, some just do not ethically or morally believe in altering the face! Despite what others may think, what matter is what YOU think, so, please let me impress upon you this: the absolute most important thing you can do is research and educate yourself to ensure you choose an expert provider.
Although North Carolina is my home and I have established a successful practice there, I decided a year ago to Join Dr. Steven Pearlman and The Pearlman Aesthetic surgery team.It was important to me to work with the best and I found it at my new work home in NYC. Dr Pearlman sets the bar for every one on his team to the highest standard. He is a phenomenal surgeon and a kind, compassionate, honest, and ethical man. Always the patient advocate, Dr. P will never make a decision based on anything other than what is best for the patient. He is quick to give you everything he has while being the first to say no if an expectation is unrealistic or has potential to yield an unnatural result.
Obviously Dr Pearlman was the only choice for me moving forward with the procedure. At first, Dr. P was not on board, he patiently sat with me and explained that I could wait a few years, not that I remotely thought I had a chance at changing his mind IF he felt I would not benefit. I expressed what was bothering me. I had recently lost over 30 pounds; I was not a candidate for Kylbella because my problem was skin laxity. I had been successful in the past with dermal fillers and Sculptra but the loose skin sag could only be ameliorated with surgery. After a thorough consult and discussion, which covered all my questions, concerns and what I expressed was my desired outcome, Dr. P agreed and we booked the surgery.

My Facelift experience was phenomenal! I remember looking in the mirror for the first time shocked I did not have a single bruise! I was in my NYC apartment the second day virtually pain free. I had my stitches taken out 6 days later and still think this minimal pain was the worst of the whole procedure! Even though it’s not recommended, I felt comfortable going back to work after just one week! Seven small days of downtime for a huge, beautiful, confidence-boosting life change!  A small amount of time, to be sure! My patients at P.A.S. were amazed–everyone thought I had a new haircut and got some sleep. The remainder of the stiches came out on day 8. I was able to fly home the following weekend and even attend a conference in Chicago that same weekend. My friends who work for some of the top facial surgeons in the country were in awe over my result and sang praises of Dr. Pearlman’s work.

Today is day 16 post surgery. I am still a bit swollen but feel amazing. My face looks better each day and I am excited to see the subtle changes over the next few weeks. Hands down, best decision I have ever made.