long lasting lip enhancement

Long Lasting Lip Enhancement

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Facial injectables are a popular tool used for lip enhancement. However, their results are only temporary. Lip augmentation via lip implants, lip reduction surgery, and/or lip lift surgery are all surgical procedures that can long lastingly enhance the lips. Long lasting lip enhancement with one of these procedures can produce the best long-term results to long lastingly enhance your overall appearance.


long lasting lip enhancement

Lip implants can create full, shapely lips for patients whose lips are naturally thin or have become thinner over time. A small incision is made at the corner of the inside of the lips, after which a soft silicone implant is long lastingly inserted into the lips. This option is best for patients who want to augment their lips but do not want to have to undergo regular treatments with facial injectables.


lip lift can lift and reshape the upper lip for patients whose upper lip is thin or flat. Lip lift surgery can often produce better results than injectable fillers. Because a lip lift is surgery and requires cutting and subsequent incisions, it is not a quickie filler procedure. Lip lift surgery is for the patient whose anatomical lip structure will not improve significantly enough from filler treatment. For lip lift surgery, an incision is made in a natural crease below the nose to surgically shorten the skin above the upper lip. This procedure creates less space between the base of the nose and the Cupid’s bow at the center of the upper lip. It can also restore a Cupid’s bow and will turn the upper lip outward to create the appearance of a fuller upper lip.


Lip reduction surgery can create smaller lips for patients whose lips are overly large. As fillers can only be used to augment the lips, this is the appropriate procedure for patients who wish to minimize their lips. For the procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth to remove some lip tissue and skin. A lip reduction can also be performed to remove loose silicone or long lasting fillers. Lip reduction surgery can create more sensuous, natural-looking lips that are well balanced with the rest of your facial features.
Long lasting lip enhancement can significantly enhance the appearance of your lips and face. Whether you need a lip augmentation, a lip reduction, or a lip lift, Dr. Pearlman can help you achieve your cosmetic goals with long lasting lip enhancement. Dr. Pearlman also offers lip reshaping and lip augmentation with facial injectables for patients who may prefer it. To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Pearlman, please call 212-223-8300 or complete our online contact form today.