Rhinoplasty Teacher from New York

Rhinoplasty Teacher from New York

performing nonsurgical rhinoplasty on patient

Lecturing at an International Rhinoplasty course in Milan, Italy. Spring 2011

I had the privilege to be invited to speak at the 6th Biennial Milan Masterclass in Rhinoplasty. This was a course directed by my friend and master Rhinoplasty teacher Prof. Pietro Palma from Milan. There were over 700 attendees from 58 countries in attendance. Faculty was from around the world as well. My biggest criticism of the course was that the content was so good that I found it difficult to skip out to see Milan. Fortunately we arrived a few days early and left 2 days after the completion of the meeting so we had a chance to see Milan. Pictured is a home my wife and I encountered when walking around Milan. These beautiful statues represent exactly what I believe is the foundation of rhinoplasty: pursuit of beauty and preservation of architecture. I gave lectures on revision rhinoplasty, brand identity and presented a video on the use of spreader grafts in rhinoplasty.

When giving my first lecture, I was excited to look down and see Prof. Rudolph Meyer. He is a master rhinoplasty surgeon and teacher, who had written a number of texts on rhinoplasty and countless articles. Prof. Meyer is close to 90 years old and was still the most attentive individual in the room. In the photo below, he is giving a speech at the reception dinner and is surrounded by course directors Professors Castelnuovo and Palma from Italy and visiting Prof. Gilbert Nolste-Trenite from Holland.

We rounded out our trip with a one day visit to Venice. I truly enjoy speaking around the world; it always gives me a new perspective from international faculty and the chance to both share and learn from them, plus a great excuse to travel.

International travel to medical meetings not only is a chance to visit new places but exchange knowledge with experts from around the world.