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Are There Weight Requirements for Breast Reduction? | NYC Plastic Surgeons

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Overly large or disproportionate breasts can cause a number of problems, like back pain, skin irritation, and poor posture. Breast reduction surgery can provide relief by removing excess tissue and decreasing the size of the breasts.

How does weight impact breast reduction?

Breast tissue is partially comprised of fatty tissue. This is why your breasts can change size when you lose or gain weight. 

You should be close to your goal weight before surgery

If you’re planning to lose weight after your surgery, your breast reduction surgeon may advise you to wait until you’ve done so. Ideal breast reduction candidates are already close to their goal weight before undergoing the procedure.

Weight changes can impact your results

Losing or gaining a significant amount of weight after you’ve had a breast reduction can impact your results. Having a plan for maintaining your weight after surgery can help ensure your breast reduction results don’t change.

Ideal candidates for breast reduction

Breast reduction is a highly personalized procedure, and your candidacy will depend on several factors. Typically, ideal candidates for breast reduction meet these criteria:

  • Struggling with physical activity due to the size of your breasts
  • Experiencing neck, back, or shoulder pain because of the weight
  • Shoulder indentations from bra straps
  • Skin irritation beneath your breasts
  • Bothered by feeling your breasts are too large
  • Are in good general health and a non-smoker
  • Have specific goals for your breast reduction
  • Realistic expectations for the surgery and recovery process

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