rise of the zoom lift

2020’s Silver Lining: Rise of the Zoom Lift

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As we all now know, pandemics carry unnerving uncertainty and often more questions than answers. For example, when did you last feel the need to don your office best? Slacks, a button up, blouse or a suit? When will it be necessary to do so again?

But just as work-from-home culture has been thriving, so too has the cosmetic industry. In fact, for many, business is booming. Patients have been clamoring for “discreet” facelifts and nose jobs, since they no longer have to go out in public — at least, not without a mask on — a mask that happens to conceal most of the commonly treated areas.

Why the sudden increased rate in cosmetic procedures and nose jobs?

The stay-at-home culture caused by the pandemic has made us more aware of our facial asymmetries (given us more time to gaze into the mirror); and provides us the perfect opportunity to make major upgrades, in secrecy.

“Zoom Face Envy” is probably one of the biggest reasons for the massive upsurge in nose jobs and facelifts. As people spend hours looking at themselves and each other on hi-def flat screens, in non-studio lighting and at odd camera angles, they’re made more aware of their facial imperfections, crystallizing a deep-seated desire to enhance their appearance.

Zoom Face Envy also finds a perfect vehicle for action in a time when we’re all at home anyway. What better time to relax and recover, when stay-at-home is already en vogue?

Before the pandemic, people considering facelifts and nose jobs may have held back for several reasons. Cosmetic surgeries typically involve a recovery period, so you’d have to take time off work. It also might have been next to impossible to conceal a nose job before the pandemic struck.

But now, we’re living and working out of our homes and staying away from public places anyway. We’re spending less money on vacations, cultural activities and restaurants, and putting those savings towards personal care. It’s the perfect time to make massive upgrades without anyone being the wiser.

Nose jobs have seen the biggest surge, followed closely by facelifts.

Before COVID-19, some reports suggested invasive cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty and facelift were giving way in favor of dermal fillers and injectable enhancements. Since 2000, the number of minimally-invasive injectable treatments had risen by 878%.

The primary reason for that statistical shift is obvious — dermal fillers don’t include downtime, but facelifts and rhinoplasties include a significant recovery period. As such, patients preferred to seek regular injections to maintain their results rather than opt for cosmetic surgeries that would be evident.

Coronavirus-times have changed that — cosmetic surgeries are back on the rise. Currently, the most popular cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty, followed by eyelid lifts and facelifts. So, why nose jobs, i.e., rhinoplasties?

Rhinoplasty transforms one’s entire facial symmetry, bringing balance, beauty and proportion into facial structure. Cosmetic surgeons agree that rhinoplasties also produce some of the most pronounced changes to your facial appearance.

If you go out in public after rhinoplasty, you can simply pull your mask up, and that’s it — no questions asked.

There’s no denying that the pandemic has been a black cloud looming over the world— but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a silver lining. Is there any part of your face that you’ve always wanted to change? Are you unhappy with your facial or nasal appearance? If so, surprisingly enough, a global pandemic is the perfect time to make the transformation you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Pearlman is dual board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery. He is an internationally renowned surgeon, published in countless medical journals, and specifically known for his elegant approach to rhinoplasty surgery. To schedule a consultation, please contact the office today.