Lola Torres

Administrative Coordinator

Lola Torres is a dynamic professional who embarked on her career journey in marketing and brand renovation. With a zeal for innovation and a passion for transformation, Lola is now poised to extend her talents to the field of medical aesthetics. Lola’s multifaceted interests and dedication to personal and professional growth make her a vibrant and inspiring individual and a great addition to the Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery Team.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lola finds joy in exploring new culinary experiences at various restaurants, savoring flavors from around the world. When she’s not indulging her taste buds, Lola enjoys the company of her adorable puppy, Cosmo, whose boundless energy keeps her entertained.

Fun Facts

Lola has a special passion for floral artistry. Whether arranging vibrant bouquets or creating captivating floral designs, she infuses her creative spirit into every petal and bloom.