Parts of Your Body Should You Exfoliate

Which Parts of Your Body Should You Exfoliate and Why?

brush on top of washcloth and soaps

Which parts of your body should you exfoliate and why? Exfoliating helps keep your skin clean, healthy and looking radiant. Removing dead skin cells and dry patches are one reason exfoliation remains one of the best beauty techniques that anyone can do on their own. Below we will discuss the value in exfoliating certain areas of the body regularly and how you can gain and preserve healthy, radiant looking skin. Mechanical exfoliation by using abrading scrubs is OK but if over-used can damage your skin as well. For a better, safer and more effective technique, we suggest you use a Clarisonic device that is proven to cleanse better and even gets off makeup more efficiently.

The skin on the face can benefit from being exfoliated routinely, as you can uncover the younger looking skin that lies beneath the top layer of the dried and damaged skin cells which need to be removed. Your arms and legs are also another areas that can significantly benefit from exfoliation. In fact, the knees and elbows need to be paid special attention, as they dry out faster than other parts of the arms and legs.

Other areas of the body that you should be exfoliating include the feet, heels, ankles, thighs and the buttocks area. Our feet and heels are a much-neglected area which has a tendency to dry out and become scaly from walking and being in shoes all day. One of the areas of the body that can benefit significantly from exfoliation is the thighs and around the buttocks area. By exfoliating these areas you’re not only helping to keep the skin smooth and supple but you also stimulate circulation which can help with cellulite issues.

With that in mind exfoliating your skin should be a gentle non-aggressive process. Being over aggressive with your skin can cause it to become red, raw and even inflamed thwarting the positive properties that exfoliation can have on your skin.

By exfoliating regularly and following these basic rules your skin will be clean, healthy and radiant looking.