Tummy Tuck in NYC

Post-Pregnancy Tummy Tuck in NYC

You’ve worked hard to feel good in your body since recovering from your pregnancy. And although you’re happy with the progress you’ve made, there are a few stubborn areas in your midsection you’d like to smooth.

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery offers patients 3 different abdominoplasty options, also known as tummy tuck procedures. Each surgery can address different concerns and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Brian Bassiri-Tehrani is a skilled surgeon specializing in tummy tuck surgeries in NYC. Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani has a compassionate touch and is dedicated to helping patients navigate their procedure options. He and our caring Patient Care Coordinator know it can feel challenging to take time away from being a mom to care for yourself, but we can present procedure scheduling solutions during our private consultation.

3 Tummy Tuck Options

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery offers 3 types of tummy tucks to patients who want a flatter, smoother stomach following pregnancy.

Each of our tummy tuck procedures can address different areas of concern, but generally, tummy tucks can help address the following conditions:

  • Correct rectus diastasis (a condition that causes the abdominal wall to stretch and is common after pregnancy)
  • Eliminate unwanted loose skin
  • Remove stretch marks
  • Create a sleek midsection
  • Restore the belly button
Traditional Tummy Tuck

A traditional tummy tuck can correct skin above and below the belly button. It’s a comprehensive procedure that creates a smooth abdomen.

Reverse Tummy Tuck

During a reverse tummy tuck, Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani corrects the skin above the belly button.

A reverse tummy tuck is a great option for women who are also getting a breast procedure, as the scar the surgery creates is easily hidden under the breasts.

Mini Tummy Tuck

During a mini tummy tuck, Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani makes a small incision to address any loose skin in the lower abdomen. This is an excellent procedure option for people who don’t want to change the appearance of their upper abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Highlights
Procedure Time

Depending on which type of tummy tuck you get, you can expect your tummy tuck to take 3 to 4 hours.

Recovery Period

Most tummy tuck recovery periods last 2 weeks. You also won’t be able to exercise for a month following your surgery.

Tummy Tuck Price

Tummy tucks typically cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

Ready to talk about your tummy tuck options?

Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani and our Patient Care Coordinator know that it can feel difficult to take time away from parenting to do something for yourself. But taking time away to address your needs is essential.

Dr. Brian Bassiri-Tehrani joined the Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery team in 2023. He has several honors, certifications, and professional memberships. He is an experienced plastic surgeon who combines his passion for medicine and aesthetics to create excellent results and help patients feel empowered.

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