Botox New York, CNBC Interview

preparing an injection for a patient

It has been well documented in the plastic surgery community that when people have cosmetic surgery or minimally invasive procedures, it improves self confidence, often beyond the aesthetic improvement seen by others.  Given the current recession, aesthetic enhancement has become even more important for more people. I have a number of patients who are looking for new jobs in the work place. The competition is typically younger, less experienced candidates. My patients desire to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside. I was quoted on as well as in a live interview on CNBC, Thursday April 9 on the subject of people seeking cosmetic facial surgery to compete in the job market.

For example, a recent patient is a very energetic, young appearing, 60 something year old woman. She is looking for a new job in publishing. Publishing is a very youth oriented business. She underwent a facelift and blepharoplasty. She looks and feels great. This has given her new vigor and she admittedly finds that she has renewed vigor when going on interviews. She intends to send me the “good news” when she gets that publishing industry job.

Minimally invasive procedures, such as BotoxR and facial fillers are quick, easy fixes for looking refreshed. I have a number of patients who get BotoxR to smooth the furrows between their brows, often called the “angry 11’s.” In business, they felt that it made them look worried;  that their portfolio, investment or business deal was being questioned, when it really was only overactive brow muscles. Relaxing these muscles relieves this harried appearance. The same applies to people going for job interviews, if you appear worried, it can undermine inner self confidence. You want to look cool and confident, smooth and ready to take on any challenge.

To reiterate my quote in “People are fed up and are starting to figure that it’s time to live a little. Cosmetic surgery is about investing in yourself. It makes you look good and feel better about yourself, a dozen times a day when you look in the mirror.”