Oils That Will Make You Feel Better

Three Oils That Will Make You Feel Better

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Teenagers have been told for decades that avoiding greasy, fried foods will keep acne at bay. The line of reasoning always was that ingesting oil would cause the skin to secrete oil causing pimples. The truth is the skin has its own oil glands which work overtime during the teen years. Not only is eating healthy oils not bad for the skin, it is also a great way to keep the skin youthful and clear. These three oils in particular are great to add to one’s skin care routine:

1. Olive Oil

The most commonly known oil for health is olive oil, particularly the extra virgin variety. It does not have to be limited to internal use, however. This antioxidant-rich oil heals and restores skin and even blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun.

2. Grape Seed Oil

Although not as well-known as other oils, grape seed oil has great anti-aging properties. The oil is extracted from grape seeds usually discarded during the production of wine. It is a great moisturizer and even helps to fade wrinkles. Grape seed oil can be applied to minor skin rashes as well.

3. Coconut Oil

The healthy fats found in this tropical fruit abound with nutrition for the body including the skin. Coconut oil is used most often in skin care for moisturizing. It is excellent for chronic skin conditions, like eczema, since it creates a protective barrier without the dangers of petroleum based products or the greasiness associated with them.

While it might be wise to skip on the French fries and fried chicken, no one needs to worry about these oils damaging skin. What is healthy for the inside of the body usually shows up as an added benefit to the largest organ, the skin.


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