Rhinoplasty Lecture

The Televised Rhinoplasty Lecture Series

Dr. Pearlman performing rhinoplasty

Back in 2013 I was invited to be the featured guest speaker at the Amsterdam Rhinoplasty course, officially entitled “20th International Course in Modern Rhinoplasty Techniques”.  This event was run for most of the past two decades by Prof. Gilbert Nolst-Trenite.

It has recently been taken over by one of his very accomplished students, a well-established rhinoplasty surgeon and teacher in his own right, Dr. Dirk Jan Menger. It was here that I gave a lecture on a live rhinoplasty, a procedure that was both incredibly stressful yet exhilarating at the same time.

Now I’m able to share with you the entire televised rhinoplasty that I performed. My goal is to show a level of insight into the procedure for those that are considering rhinoplasty. The patient that you’ll see in the videos was recruited by one of the faculty members. She had a deviated septum and was given the option for a cosmetic rhinoplasty by a visiting Professor from the U.S., namely me.

I treated her just like one of my own patients. I received the photos by email a few weeks prior. I uploaded the photos into my computer and performed computer imaging on the photos. I then saw the patient the afternoon before the procedure for a personal examination and to discuss our plan, and most importantly, to make sure that the patient was comfortable with me and the surgical plan. When the consultation was complete, she was quite excited at the prospect of a new nose.

You can view the entire lecture series on our Youtube channel by clicking here. The first video is a summary of what rhinoplasty is and is under 10 minutes.