Protecting Your Skin in Winter

Protecting Your Skin in Winter

woman's collarbones exposed next to red lips

The cold weather this time of year brings about a much lower level of humidity. This low humidity is what will cause your skin to dry and crack from your lips, face, hands, and to your feet. Cracked/broken skin can lead to infection.

So how do you protect your skin during these cold winter months? First is to make sure you moisturize as this is probably one of the most essential and easiest steps to follow. After a shower just use a moisturizer that has a bit of a heavier cream consistency, instead the one you may use during the summer months.

The second step is making sure you are covered up as much as possible before stepping out into the cold. Exposed skin takes a lot of damage especially when the wind picks up, your fingers, hands and toes are more susceptible to windburn and frostbite.

The third step is to make sure you remember your sunscreen. It may not be blazing outside but the sun can still do a lot of damage to your skin. It’s not direct light as in the winter, the sun reflects it’s light off of the snow that is covering the ground.

The last step or steps has to do with water. Make sure you’re drinking enough water each day. A common mistake is thinking that your body doesn’t need the same level of hydration in winter as it does in summer,so be sure to drink up. Also as enticing as a hot shower may be try to keep them short as hot water can strip your skin of the much needed moisture.
Lastly those with skin conditions like eczema should be weary as the colder climate tend to cause flares in condition. If your symptoms show or worsen consult your physician for treatment.