Yaribeth Rodriguez

Operating Room Nurse

Yaribeth loves the confidence cosmetic and reconstructive surgery provides her patients. Coming from a labor and delivery background, she takes a special interest in helping mothers continue to feel beautiful after having children. Yaribeth loves how aesthetic surgery can increase someone’s quality of life – and that’s something she wanted to be a part of.

Yaribeth will be the nurse caring for you before surgery,  the one asking you what music you’d like to listen to in the OR and the nurse recovering you after your surgical procedure.  If you have any questions about peri-operative care, medications or instructions, she’s your girl!

Fun Facts

Yaribeth grew up in the Dominican Republic. She often volunteers at her home town’s local hospital and local clinics when she visits home. Outside of the medical field, you will find Yaribeth weight lifiting at the gym , reading a book or cooking a new recipe she found on Instagram or TikTok!