manhattan mouth maven

The Manhattan Mouth Maven

woman with jewelry putting on lipstick


Luscious lips are popping up everywhere. Or, perhaps you may not have noticed; and this I promise, is a good thing! The best “work” is work you cannot detect. As a nurse injector living in the south, I had experience with lip plumping but never did I think I would become what I have secretly dubbed myself….The Manhattan Mouth Maven. For real….it has become my reality. On an average day I may have the privilege of plumping 6-10 pouty puckers.
So how did this madness come about? Well…… it all started a few months ago with a beautiful young patient with naturally beautiful lips that just was looking for a little perk. I remember how sweet and how excited she was. I had a great canvas to work with and this was a fairly easy task. We laughed, I injected, she was thrilled, and before I knew it……YELP. NO, I did not “Yelp” I was Yelped….. You know that crazy social media tool that will make you or break you? Yes… that’s the one. Well, let’s just say it was the beginning of a game changer for me and my career, here in NYC and at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery.
That social media post with her Before-and-After pictures generated such a buzz, lip seekers started to fill her private message option on her yelp page, true story. Before I knew it, the face of our Park Avenue office lobby began to change as well. Our once primarily “upper crust” more mature clientele, evolved into younger, colorful (in every sense of the word) patients seeking not only luscious lips, but the secret to the fountain of youth.

I have had many patients comment that, until meeting me, were inclined to believe that the reviews had to be made up or solicited. My response is the secret to my success–

  1. Less is more. ALWAYS. Period. Drop the mic.
  2. We can add product if necessary or desired, but let’s not have to take out.
  3. Good work should go unnoticed ALWAYS- just because you think it looks great doesn’t mean the vast majority will….just sayin’
  4. Kylie Jenner’s lips work for her but it’s important to remember that for every girl that aspires to achieve this look, there are probably 5 that are trying to avoid it.
  5. I welcome a picture of “dream lips,” it gives me a good idea on the look we are going for and which product to use but remember…….we are looking to enhance, not rebuild.
  6. Listen to your gut!!! The procedure-room chair is not the place to make a decision. If you are not fully committed when you sit in that chair, sit at the bench and play later. It’s your face, the only one you have- be smart and be excited.
  7. We are a team, but I’m not afraid to say no; it’s my reputation and people trust me. It is my job to be a provider not a salesperson.
  8. Just because you can does not mean you should……
  9. I’m from the south no matter what, you will get a hug and your ”heart blessed” by me.
  10. At the end of all this…….IF and ONLY IF you are completely happy- the best compliment you can give is a good review. After all, this is how my new friends find me.