How to Get Rid of Sheet Marks on Your Face

How to Get Rid of Sheet Marks on Your Face

shirtless man sleeping with curtains open

Sheet marks freak us out because of how seemingly unfixable they are. And, if you slept in later than usual, you’re probably looking at a solid morning of wrinkle face. “The Beauty Expert,” Donna Fay says to treat marks with a gentle micro-exfoliating cleanser, followed by a moisturizing mask to re-plump the skin.

As for me, I am a side sleeper. Considering how much I love my sleepy-time, I know I should be sleeping on my back if I want to keep the ‘sleep lines’ away. Also, I have read somewhere that sleeping on your side also contributes to breast sag, since your girls are dangling downward, stretching the ligaments.

But truth be told, I am way more concerned about wrinkles than any other side-effects of side-sleeping.It’s not that I haven’t tried to become a back-sleeper but almost every attempt ends back at my habitual position i.e. comfortably on my left side. Oh, well……I really hope I’ll be able to train myself soon enough.

In the meantime, to avoid wrinkles from making an early appearance on my face, I have switched to satin pillowcases which are said to be more forgiving than the usual cotton ones and won’t tug at the skin.

You can also try a light facial massage. “This engages the lymphatic system to try to get the fluids moving under the skin.” You can also apply an ice-cold washcloth, which will constrict your pores. That, plus a bit of time, should do the trick.” Both advise getting in on that silk-pillowcase action, too. Think of it as preventative medicine.

How about you? Are you a side sleeper too?